Monday, September 20, 2010

Spending a lot of time with this guy...

Joe Mauer!

I kid, but I am spending a lot of time with this new beauty, which I named after my favorite baseball player. After all, Joe is athletic and handsome just like the original. I might be kind of bias.

Our last ride with Armstrong. It was a good long run buddy.

I feel old, making these big purchases and all, but Joe and I really have had a good first week together. Hopefully he'll stick around for the long term.


  1. Love! Love! Love! I can't wait to meet Joe! You should see how he handles the drive to AZ! I know a place you can stay for free!

  2. Janna I love it! I will test drive Joe down to AZ with you!

  3. So Hot right now! Congrats!
    I had no idea Armstrong had a name.
    You are such an adult these days. How's the new place?

  4. I was like dayyuummmmm. That's a hot guy to be spending time with. YUM.

  5. Nice car! I finally discovered your blog!