Friday, December 31, 2010

peace out 2010

This year has been good to me. I have done lots of fun things. Lets review:

I went to New York

spent some time at this place

I turned 24

I went to Colorado with some fun people

went to a wedding or two

I still love to spoon

I had surgery

went to probably the coolest concert ever

I went to the rodeo

I went camping

spent the 4th of July at Moose Hollow with some more fun people

I played softball (but am no longer undefeated)

I bought a new car. You may know him as Joe.

I went to Bear Lake (the awkwardness of this picture is just awesome)

I saw the fall leaves. It's tradition after all.

I carved pumpkins

I went to Boston in the fall

went to see the brother in lots of shows, including The Nutcracker. I also dyed my hair come to think of it.

I spent another Christmas with my family which was just lovely

and shipped this one to Florida for a while. I'm gonna miss him.

Thanks 2010 for treating me so well!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Little Voice

My mom told me a couple of days ago that I had the singing voice of a little girl. It was like she just realized, silly Mom. This is not the first time that I have heard something like this, nor will it be the last I'm sure. When I take calls at work I often get questions like "You're the supervisor?" or "How old are you?". I am the supervisor and I'm 24. Believe it. Every time I see an old bishop of mine, he tells me I should be doing voice overs for childrens' cartoons, and maybe I should. Might as well make some money off of this little voice of mine.

Monday, December 20, 2010


There was a boy wearing a three piece suit made of denim at church yesterday. It was like the classic jean with jean jacket outfit from the 90's had been catapulted into the 10's becoming this classy creation. My question is, where/how does one acquire such a find?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Thought of You

Some of you may have already seen this, but I'm a little bit in love with it, so here it is again. I miss dancing.

Also, while we're on the subject of dance, I'm a huge fan of the Ballerina Project. I just love admiring the beauty of these photos. They make me want to bust out my point shoes and dance around the city.

I'll be home for Christmas

I love being around my house at Christmas time. Mom always has the place decked out and looking great. It just has such a cozy feel during the holidays.

And there are always delicious treats around. This weekend, mom sent me home with an entire chocolate souffle. One of my absolute favorites.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Yesterday I received an email from BYU and four text messages concerning a "sever weather warning". Campus closed at 3:00 PM and was closed all day today in preparation for this storm. After I got out of work, early, I went to Smith's to buy treats for the Snowapolooza party we put together and it was a mad house, packed with people buying provisions for the end of the world.
So I went home and hung out, with some great company and delicious food obviously, and waited for the storm of the century to arrive. And waited. And waited. And this was all we got:

A skiff you might say. The trees and mountains aren't even fully covered. Also, it was nice and sunny when I woke up this morning. What a let down this snowpocalpyse was.

Joke's on you BYU, but thanks for giving me the day off anyway!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

She made it another year...

My mom had a birthday this week and in honor of that I headed up north to have dinner with the fam, and oh was it delicious...

The kids.

The parents (they're a little bit precious).

Happy 61 Mom!

Believe it. 61.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Spending a lot of time with this guy...

Joe Mauer!

I kid, but I am spending a lot of time with this new beauty, which I named after my favorite baseball player. After all, Joe is athletic and handsome just like the original. I might be kind of bias.

Our last ride with Armstrong. It was a good long run buddy.

I feel old, making these big purchases and all, but Joe and I really have had a good first week together. Hopefully he'll stick around for the long term.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day of Caring

Last week I had the opportunity to go to United Way's Day of Caring in which I was able to spend half of my work day doing a service project. The particular project I was involved in was creating phonic packets for teachers in a nearby school district.
While there I met Carl who became my best friend for the day. As we cut paper he told me all about his wife, their love story, and about his 10 kids. He told me a bunch of different stories, from he and his wife's younger years, some good and some not as good, but in the end they ended up being the kind of thing that brought them closer. He was so sweet. He one time paused for a second and then apologized because he sometimes gets a little emotional about this stuff, they had just celebrated their 43 anniversary. When he talked about his wife and family his eyes just lit up and he kept telling me that he hoped I could meet his wife someday and get her side of things, because she is so much better at telling it.
He had obviously been through some hard times, like he told me, but that was what made it so good. He had such a full life with a great wife and family that he adored. It made me think a little bit and put some things into perspective. When things get hard, you have the potential to come out on the other side even better and happier and more full than you ever would have been before. This is something that I have always known, but it was nice to get a little reminder.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Things that I love about or just remind me of Summer:

Corn on the cob
Blankets in the park
Ice cream cones
Shaved Ice
4th of July
Bear Lake
Tear Jerker Cotton Candy
Country music
Pool time
Intramural softball
Painted toenails

Monday, July 26, 2010

Thanks to the Pioneers

This weekend was great. A constant party. We went camping, ate some great food, (obviously, it wouldn't be a holiday without great food) cooled off by the pool, washing our cars and at the biggest water balloon fight ever and watched more fireworks. I love summer.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I love fireworks

I love the 4th of July. One of my very favorite holidays. This year we spent the weekend up at Moose Hollow and enjoyed time with fabulous friends, lots of croquet, tons of food and time at the pool. It was delightful.

It also obviously included some tear jerker cotton candy

which causes reactions like this

Fireworks in Liberty. Is there anywhere else more appropriate?

The Scariest Stories You've Ever Heard

Sunday afternoon photo shoot

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday like we did and are enjoying the summer!