Friday, December 31, 2010

peace out 2010

This year has been good to me. I have done lots of fun things. Lets review:

I went to New York

spent some time at this place

I turned 24

I went to Colorado with some fun people

went to a wedding or two

I still love to spoon

I had surgery

went to probably the coolest concert ever

I went to the rodeo

I went camping

spent the 4th of July at Moose Hollow with some more fun people

I played softball (but am no longer undefeated)

I bought a new car. You may know him as Joe.

I went to Bear Lake (the awkwardness of this picture is just awesome)

I saw the fall leaves. It's tradition after all.

I carved pumpkins

I went to Boston in the fall

went to see the brother in lots of shows, including The Nutcracker. I also dyed my hair come to think of it.

I spent another Christmas with my family which was just lovely

and shipped this one to Florida for a while. I'm gonna miss him.

Thanks 2010 for treating me so well!

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