Monday, October 10, 2011


As I previously mentioned, I LOVE Fall.  I also love traditions, and Fiddler on the Roof (Tradition...Tradition!) eh, anyways, so I especially look forward to a yearly tradition I have with a couple of my dear friends Jill and Micah where we drive around the Alpine Loop and check out the beauty of the mountains covered in the fall leaves.  I just love it.  We drive and soak it all in and talk about our lives, we get out at the exact same spot each year and take pictures and know that as long as we are all still around these parts we'll do the same thing next year.  It's fantastic.

And here's some proof in picture form:

2008 (we had some visitors!)



And last but not least this year! (please note how good those sick closed mouth smiles are. I've been working on mine, but Jill's a natural)


  1. I know all I ever talk about is PB#, but how great would it have been to take one up there, set up an easel in that meadow, and just paint away?

  2. I look like a giant in that picture. Strange.

  3. you guys look so cute and perfect and fall-ish. and i felt like i was there...under your feet. so good.

    also, sometimes logan has good ideas. but this time-this time- he has a great idea.