Friday, April 29, 2011

Fun Times

Warning: This post is quite picture heavy.

Last weekend was pretty much the bomb. It was full of good times and festivities that I will now share with all of you.

To start it off we went to the zoo.

Most of us got out of work early on Thursday so we decided to spend that time with our favorite animal friends. So fun.


George Washington Crossing the Delaware. Obviously.

Getting in touch with our inner Animal. (Wolf, Shark, Zebra, Zebra, Wolf)

We went to Hatch Family Chocolates, but saw no midgets. It was a let down, but still delicious.

We had a party honoring the Earth...on Earth Day. See what we did there?

Us in our recycled Earth Day outfits

We also went to the Tulip Festival

where we made wishes,

had photo shoots,

and saw some beautiful flowers.

It was a great weekend.


  1. please oh please, tell me your "inner" animals were your "power" animals.

  2. I'm sad I missed the tulip festival! I love your hair and outfits in these photos. You are so gorgeous!

  3. Fun posts...but no Easter post??? XO

  4. Nice pics. I forget sometimes that you have friends and a life that involves people other than me. I am glad, of course, because I don't see you very often these days. But I miss you often these days, FYI.