Wednesday, May 11, 2011

rain and baby goats

I realize that this recent onslaught of rain hasn't pleased a lot of people, but I have a confession.  I kind of love it.  I love the rain, especially warm rain.  These are a couple of views of the rain soaked mountains I've had recently while running (ps I'm up to 7 miles. That's more than I've ever run before.  I'm beginning to think I might just make it through that race I signed up for)

 Please excuse the crappy cell phone quality of these photos, but you get the idea right? Beautiful.

Also, just a little side note, we went to the Baby Animal Birthday Party at Thanksgiving Point a couple of weeks ago and there were some brand new little goats there.  They were so precious.  I want one of my very own.

1 comment:

  1. Baby goats remind me of Gertie! And baby goats are dang cute! And I miss those rainy mountains. And I miss you. The End.