Thursday, February 9, 2012

I'm Back

When I get in the habit of doing this regularly, I start thinking of everything in life in terms of blog posts.  I don’t post all of them clearly, but I do think about them and how I would write it or lay it out and what picture I would post or the fact that I should take a picture to post!  But then when I get a new job, and move, and just stop having as much time to do things like this, I get out a my groove.  However, with 2012 being the year of commitment and all (2012 commit-elve, duh) I refuse to give up.  Also, today I have something funny I would like to mention.  Remember that time that I made Jill commit to being the biggest fan of whoever purchased our services (at a church sponsored service auction people) for one week with me?  I do, and this is that week.  And if I dare say so myself, I think the recipient is feeling the love.*  One of my favorite parts of the week is the blog that has been created in his honor.  Jill has taken that one over and the posts are pretty good.  Check it out here. Also, on an unrelated, not funny, but pat myself on the back note, I have finally moved all the way in to my house! You wouldn’t believe how clean my room is.  AND I made my bed today.  I’m such a big kid.

*To be fair, I stole most of the ideas from my friend Lizzy Jones.  She's just so clever.

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