Monday, January 2, 2012


Well guys, it's that time again, when everyone reflects on the previous year and comments on how great it was (see last year's here).  I wasn't going to post this, on account of I have a problem following the crowd sometimes and also because I've just been kind of busy (let's be serious, that's the real reason), but here it is nonetheless:

2011 in review:

Winter Highlights (split up for you into semesters, I think that I may split up my years into semester segments for the rest of my life. thanks for something college education) - Lava Hot Springs, falling in love with all things Korean, turning 25, the zoo, Just Dance, Earth Day, Tulip Festival, scavenger hunting, Bear Lake
Summer Highlights - Mustaches on Cinco de Mayo, D.C., FloRida, Racing to cure Alopecia, a wedding at the James Madison house, San Francisco, Yellowstone, more weddings, Jackson Hole
 Fall Highlights - Fall was full of a lot of fun and a lot of goodbyes.  Park City, the Serving Time Cafe (so fun/good!), my first attempt at cutting hair, Swiss Days, Demolition Derby, food, eating good food and a tea party.
So that's all for 2011.  Doesn't seem half bad, and it really wasn't. 
Happy New Year everybody!

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