Thursday, January 20, 2011


I don't really do mornings. I mean I do, in the sense that I wake up early, but I don't do them well. I spend the first ten minutes of every morning thinking about the next time I'll be able to go to sleep. When I was in high school, I had a really hard time waking up to my alarm clock. I just wouldn't hear it. It would go off for about an hour each morning and I would sleep right through. So, basically each morning, my mom would come in and wake me up with a nice cheery "Good morning sunshine! Time to get up!" and every morning I hated it and would yell at her on her way out to shut my door again. Not pleasant. Poor mom.
Anyway, I've come a ways since then, but this morning reminded me of just how much I hate the morning hours. I just couldn't get going and as I was getting ready, and I still just didn't want to move, I tried to Accio my lotion to me. As in the Harry Potter spell. We're talking hand out, words said aloud and everything. It didn't come. I went on without my lotion. Morning wins this round.


  1. We are such muggles. I try to use that spell every morning. I guess all I really need is the time changing necklace. You should put Newsies in like you used to!

  2. Ah, muggle struggles. That's the worst.

  3. Maybe your pronunciation of "Accio" was just off. It happens to the best of us.