Friday, August 19, 2011

Almost There

Well kids another Education Week has come and is almost gone and honestly I can not wait.  Just two and a half more hours...I can hold out that long.  Anyways, while working here this week I have come upon a few thoughts that apparently I feel like sharing because I've got some down time here and if I sit still for longer than a minute or two I fall asleep.  Blogging seemed like a good alternative, but I'm not so sure, either way I am committed now.  So, please feel free to skip this, but here are my current thoughts:

  • I love a walkie-talkie.  Love it.  Every time. You know what I'm talking about.  I want to buy all my friends walkie-talkies and force them to stay within about a mile range of me always so that we can use them all the time.  Does that not sound fun to anyone else?  (I realize that if I had a cooler phone I could just HeyTell people, but it just seems to loose a little bit of the magic that way) 
  • I love vanilla in my Dr Pepper.  That delicious bit of heaven has pulled me through some long hours.
  • BYU Catering stinks.
  • The bathroom here has a small mother's room within a larger mother's room.  I think that's weird.  And unnecessary.  I wonder if it's to give the mothers some privacy from the students that are always in there taking naps on the couches (also weird to me).
  • I like BYU and spending this much time on the main part of campus reminds me of the good times I had here.  And how old I am because I recognize no one around these parts anymore.
  • Also making me realize how old I am is the fact that my body can no longer handle the little amounts of sleep that I provide for it like it used to.  It's so needy.  Annoying. 

That's all I got.  Have a fabulous weekend everybody! 


  1. Three Things
    1. I know BYU catering SUCKS. I am sorry for you glad for me
    2. Oh I miss the wakie talkies. Thanks makes me miss you
    3. You MADE IT.

  2. I want a walkie talkie. Let's get some.
    I used to take naps in the mother's lounge. But that doesn't mean it's not weird. I just tried not to think about it. The more tired I was, the easier it was to ignore.
    Last time I hung out in Provo I kept expecting to run into someone I knew. Never happened. I'm oldy moldy.

  3. I also love vanilla in my Dr. Pepper. Delicious! I don't share your love of BYU, but I know what you mean about feeling old. I hate it in our married student ward when people move in and say "I've been married for 2 weeks and I graduated from High School in 2010". It sickens me.