Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Rain or Shine

I may have mentioned before that I am not so much a morning person, but my friends, it is more true than probably any of you realize.  It's the getting myself out of bed that is really the hardest part.  My brain doesn't work rationally when I'm in that state.  So, in an effort to overcome my morning struggles I occasionally (and by occasionally I mean always) try to persuade myself into waking up by setting my alarm to a song that I love.  Obviously, I have to change the song often so that the novelty doesn't wear off and so that I don't start absolutely hating a song that I love because I start associating it with waking up.  I've lost a couple good ones that way.  Bad news, that.
Anyways, my song as of late has been Matthew Perryman Jones' Rain or Shine, which you can listen to right here:

I go through phases with this song every once and while.  I love it a little.  I've been waking up to it for a while now, and I wish that I could say that it helps me jump out of bed on time and bright eyed, but let's be serious, I will always struggle getting out of bed, but the fact that I feel like it puts me in a slightly better mood when I do, is still a success.

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  1. Remember when you warned me nearly four years ago about setting a beloved Jimmy Eat World song as my morning alarm?
    Yep, I hate it now.