Friday, August 26, 2011


Randoms of the day:
  1. When people send ALL of their emails with high importance (!) it makes me want to ignore them for a couple of days, just because. 
  2. Today I am grateful for how my hair has been treating me lately.  It doesn't seem to get dirty (I'm not going to go into how long I can go without a hair wash these days cause I don't really want a semi-published record of that, but lets just say it is kind of nice) and it's been requiring little morning maintenance, not to say it couldn't use more, but it requires little.  This makes me a little bit happier when I wake up to those rough mornings because I HATE doing my hair.  Hate it.
  3. A few of my favorites are leaving for good soon and that makes me really sad, that is, when I allow myself to actually think about it.
  4. Today everyone in my office decided to bring treats.  We have had cake balls, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cake and chocolate milk, all before 10:00 AM.  It is a chocolate kind of day.  My favorite kind.  
  5. I had to use numbers in this post, because last time I made a list with bullets.  Maybe I should just stop making lists.
  6. Remember TGIF guys?  Remember when we all used to stay home (was that just me?) on Friday nights to watch great shows like Full House, Step by Step and Boy Meets World?  And then you would wake up on Saturday and watch Saved by the Bell?  Ahh those were the days.
And just for fun...
Don't pretend like you don't know the words.


  1. I miss TGIF so bad. It was a wonderful thing to look forward to every week!

  2. So I sat and watched the whole thing, and I have to admit there were some words on there I didn't know because I feel like they only ever actually played the song in it's entirety for the pilot episode. Also, I definitely Tivo Boy Meets World every day as it only comes on at five in the morning. But sometimes if I'm up by seven I watch Full House.

  3. Do you remember that episode of Step By Step where Cody, the high-functioning special-ed cousin that lived in a van in the yard, got involved in a bar fight? And Cody ended up mopping the floor with all the thugs? I'm not ashamed to admit that I recorded it on VHS the next time it was on and I used to try to mimic his moves....I got pretty good.

  4. TGIF was my favorite! Steve Urkell! Did you know Saved By the Bell is still on at I think 6 a.m. or 6:30 a.m. on TBS or TNT, I can't remember which.

  5. you can still wake up at 5 am and watch Saved by the Bell, I sometimes watch while feeding a baby to stay awake at the end of night shifts. Imagine how much you would love your morning and your hair if you woke up that early...